Tuesday, March 22, 2011

High School Drama

So, as I mentioned before, I got a new job. Well, same type of job, different place.

I was in the library at an elementary school. It was nice. Quiet. Crafty. Very relaxed. At the end of the school year I was told I'd be working in that same library part time- 3.5 hours a day. So not cool, but at least I would still be working partially. Fast forward through a whole summer of sitting on the beach and sub-consciously stressing about not having health insurance or enough money to pay bills and BAM! 1 week before we are supposed to report to Opening Day at Columbia I get a call form Administration. "Congratulations! You are back to full time!" Woo-Hoo!!! "You will be moved into Columbia." Ummmm. "As a secretary for an Assistant Principle." Sh*t.

Let's take a step back and look at the big picture. Elementary School. High School. Library. AP Office. Books. Discipline. Children that pick their nose and giggle. Children that drop the 'F' bomb at you (and still pick their nose). I'm seeing a TAD bit of a difference between the 2 jobs.

And BOY, am I right!!!! The job here at the high school is so much more fast-paced and exhausting! I am constantly doing something (or procrastinating, lol). The days fly by, which is actually quite nice.

The amount of drama these high school students get themselves involved in is nuts. It causes so many problems that have nothing to do with actual school. And the parents have no control over their children anymore- it's disgusting. All I hear is complaints from the children or the parents or the teachers here. Nobody does anything for themselves and no one is motivated.

The conversation up here is much more interesting than talking to 1st graders. I've learned some very interesting things about how children are growing up nowadays. I've taken a few problem children under my wing and I think I'm doing an ok job of keeping them out of too much trouble. Well, at least instead of causing problems in the lunchroom they sit in here with me.

I'll admit, I am scared of some of the students. Especially after they throw chairs and yell and swear and slam doors. (We got rid of that one- phew). But there are some students that are def involved in drugs and god knows what they would do if they can't get their fix. I can picture some in future harming people or themselves. It's very sad, and there really is no one to help them because it's all mental.

Once again, it's budget time and of course Nagle (who is pregnant btw- poor kid that will be...) wants a raise, so people will lose their jobs again. I'm prepared to be told that I'm down to part time again. And I'm also prepared to be in a different school next year, doing a different job again. I'm telling the kids here to not expect to see me here next year and they can't comprehend why move me again to:
have me learn a new job after I've spent the entire past year learning to do this one
2) have another person teach me how to do whatever new job I'm placed in
have my boss now teach someone new this job
have the students try to bond w/ someone new next year who may not get along as well

Our high school students can see that moving people and cutting people is stupid- but Administration can't.... GRRRRR!!!!

I haven't been too vocal to Dave about how I feel about this all again. I'm sure I'll have a breakdown at some point. I've asked him to look into getting on the same health insurance even though we're not married because that is one of my biggest concerns. So I'm sure the next time I bring it up, there might be a little melt down about everything again...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Woah! It has def been a long time, huh?! Sorry about that...life got really crazy. Would you like an update? Of course you would, other wise you wouldn't be reading this, huh?

Soooooo, I finished out my summer in Maine. It was fabulous and sunny and I didn't want to come back. But I did. To a new life basically. New job, new place of residence, new friends.

About a week before I was to depart Maine, I got a call from EGCSD telling me I was re-instated to fulltime!!! Yay! But I would be re-located. Boo. To the high school. Shit. I was told I'd be a secretary for one of the AP's. Yikes!

I moved out of my studio apt :-( And into The Boy's apt :-) He let me decorate the bathroom. Lol. And Tom Brady was not allowed to come with me. Misty also had to re-locate to Mom & Dad's for awhile. Considering Dave is bothered by cat hair I figured I'd wait until we have at least a 2 bedroom place before the cat is allowed back. I miss her though.

Christin got married! Oh yea, and got pregnant! The wedding was fun and everything went well. Minus the fact that I forgot the ring. Lol. That was amusing...after I figured out how to get the ring before she was asked to place it on Bill's finger. I think it would have been more of a good time if Christin had not been pregnant and I'd been able to drink more. Lol. Che's due in about a week- yikes! Little Kaydence will be joining us.

I got back into teaching at the studio. 1 class on Mondays, 3 on Tuesdays, 2 on Thursdays and 4 competition dances (!). My kids are crazy. I love them. Hehe.

So, to sum everything up:
The job is quite interesting. It's def faster paced then the library was and I like it. I'm glad I'm here. I will def do a separate post on this job because let me tell you- it is VERY interesting. Life living with The Boy is great. We havent had any huge fights when it comes to the living situation. I like being able to see him almost daily (even if our scheds are crazy and I only see him in bed). And I've made a new group of friends basically, thanks to me not being bossed around by others.

I think I'll do some individual posts on different issues so this isn't a 50 page post. Anyway, I have to go mediate one of the kids here- you would not believe the drama in high school (another post, I promise).

Thanks for catching up!