Monday, March 21, 2011

Woah! It has def been a long time, huh?! Sorry about got really crazy. Would you like an update? Of course you would, other wise you wouldn't be reading this, huh?

Soooooo, I finished out my summer in Maine. It was fabulous and sunny and I didn't want to come back. But I did. To a new life basically. New job, new place of residence, new friends.

About a week before I was to depart Maine, I got a call from EGCSD telling me I was re-instated to fulltime!!! Yay! But I would be re-located. Boo. To the high school. Shit. I was told I'd be a secretary for one of the AP's. Yikes!

I moved out of my studio apt :-( And into The Boy's apt :-) He let me decorate the bathroom. Lol. And Tom Brady was not allowed to come with me. Misty also had to re-locate to Mom & Dad's for awhile. Considering Dave is bothered by cat hair I figured I'd wait until we have at least a 2 bedroom place before the cat is allowed back. I miss her though.

Christin got married! Oh yea, and got pregnant! The wedding was fun and everything went well. Minus the fact that I forgot the ring. Lol. That was amusing...after I figured out how to get the ring before she was asked to place it on Bill's finger. I think it would have been more of a good time if Christin had not been pregnant and I'd been able to drink more. Lol. Che's due in about a week- yikes! Little Kaydence will be joining us.

I got back into teaching at the studio. 1 class on Mondays, 3 on Tuesdays, 2 on Thursdays and 4 competition dances (!). My kids are crazy. I love them. Hehe.

So, to sum everything up:
The job is quite interesting. It's def faster paced then the library was and I like it. I'm glad I'm here. I will def do a separate post on this job because let me tell you- it is VERY interesting. Life living with The Boy is great. We havent had any huge fights when it comes to the living situation. I like being able to see him almost daily (even if our scheds are crazy and I only see him in bed). And I've made a new group of friends basically, thanks to me not being bossed around by others.

I think I'll do some individual posts on different issues so this isn't a 50 page post. Anyway, I have to go mediate one of the kids here- you would not believe the drama in high school (another post, I promise).

Thanks for catching up!

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