Thursday, July 29, 2010

Read it and Weep...or laugh or get mad.

Since I'm spending the entire summer sitting on the beach and reading, I brought a long a few books. Here's the list:

1. Pursuit- K. Robards
2. Water for Elephants- S. Green
3. One Fifth Ave- C. Bushnell
4. Cross- J.Patterson
5. Step on a crack- J.Patterson
6. Judge & Jury- J. Patterson
7. The Rescue- N. Sparks
8. Twenties Girl- S.Kinsella
9. Guy Not Taken- J. Weiner
10. Summer Reading- H.Woltzer
11. Good in Bed- J.Weiner
12. The Usual Rules- J.Maynard
13. A Million Little Pieces- J.Frey
14. Girls in Pants- A.Brashares
15. Queen Beeof Mimosa Beach
16. Granny Dan- D.Steele
17. Naughty Neighbor- J.Evanovich
18. Secrets of a Shoe Addict- B.Harbison
19. Season of the Machete- J.Patterson
20. Dead Girls don't wear diamonds- N.Martin
21. In her Shoes- J.Weiner
22. The Lighthouse- WD James
23. The Beach House- J.Patterson
24. The Saving Graces- P.Gaffney
25. Brian Kelly, Rt. 1- T.Coughlin
26. Lovely Bones- A.Sebold
27. Change of Heart- J.Picoult
28. Keeping Faith- J. Picoult
29. Second Glance- J.Picoult
30. Child Called It- D.Pelzer
31. GLorious Appearing- T.Lehayne
32. Jemima J- J. Green
33. On Green Dolphin Street- S.Faulkes
34. The Cat who went Bananas- L.Braun
35. A heartbreaking work of a staggering genius- D.Eggers
36. Firefly Lane- K.Hannah
37. Foul Play- J. Evanovich
38. 5 days in Summer- K.Pepper
39. Swimming- J.Hershen
40. Multiple Choice- C.Cook
41. Atonement- I.McEwan
42. Summer Affair- E. Hildebrand
43. Message in a Bottle- N. Sparks
44. Last Templar- R. Khoury
45. FOr one more day- M. Albom
46. Eat, Pray, Love- E.Gilbert
47. True Colors- K.Hannah
48. Tweak- N.Sneff
49.Four Blondes- C. Bushnell
50. The Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo- S. Larsson
51. Anybody out there?- M.Keyes

So the ones in red are the ones I've already read. I'm no where near the amount I had wanted to read at this point, but let me tell you- some of them were WAY harder to get through than I thought.

A Million Little Pieces, for example, the most descriptive I think I've ever read. It was tough to get through!!! (I'll admit, I skipped some of the real gross parts)

Eat, Pray, Love (which I obviously have to read BEFORE I see the move) was a really good book, but that middle section bored me a bit and I really had to concentrate to get through that part. The first section and the 3rd section were awesome and I really enjoyed them.

A Child Called It was an easy read, as in it took me about an hour and 1/2 to get through it. Some disturbing stuff in there as well, but I was able to get through that in one sitting.

Firefly Lane was soooooooooooo good! I laughed, I cried, I got mad. I picked it up at the flea market a couple of weeks ago. Even though it was close to a 500 page book, I flew through it. Kristin Hannah is now on my list of likeable authors, so I've been looking out for her books.

I'm reading The Rescue right now, and hopefully will be done with that by the end of the weekend. I'm sure I'll cry at some point in the book.

There are dozens of other books that I would love to have on my list, but I'm trying to behave and not become obssesed with buying books. My 2 newest additions are the Marian Keyes book and the Dragon Tattoo book. I found a Barnes & Noble gift card in my glove box (yay!) yesterday so I painstakingly (ha!) drove myself to B&N to use it.

I'll keep updating when I've read through books. What are some other good books I might need in my collection?

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