Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm not a tourist, I'm a Seasonal Resident

Well I didn't lie to you. I told you my posts would be sporatic since I'd be sitting on the beach daily. And it has been fabulous. And as you can see I've deemed myself a "Seasonal Resident". I'm not those touristy people that come for a week at a time, I stay the season...the warm season, of course.

Quick run through of what I've been up to, because, well I do actually do a little bit more than sit on the beach.

The dance studio up here has been great. I love the kids. They're so fun and love everything and anything I do with them. I'm getting some great ideas for competition so thats always a plus! Now as long as the kids back home can do what I'm having the kids up here do...:-/

I cheated on Maine.

Yes, it's sad, but true. I vacationed in Cape Cod!

Please, hear me out first. I had to go. The boyfriends parents invited him and I down for a couple of days. Since the studio was off the week, I really had not a damn thing planned so I couldn't say no. We went over on Monday evening and left bright and early Friday. In all honesty, I had a really great time. Their place was steps from the ocean, I mean, I could lie in our bed and see the ocean. That was beyond relaxing itself. Then....I think my most favorite part: an outside shower!!! Just an outside one, no indoor. If it rained, it was like getting a double shower!

The cottage itself was about the size of my studio apt, maybe a tad bigger. Great for a couple, and it was fine for the few days we were there, but I cannot imagine having children there! And if I had been there for a week w/ my parents and sister...there would have been some flare-ups. Overall the trip was great. We got to hang with his parents, they showed me all their vacation places they hold dear to their heart, and I still got to beach it even though I wasnt in Maine! The water WAS warmer, but it was also filled with slippery, slimy seaweed and there were a few crab sightings (and a naked dead sea turtle)! Needless, to say, I went out to my knees once, and then stayed ankle deep.

I got to see the bf interact with his parents for a significant amount of time and he did pretty well. He managed to keep it together...most of the time. There was an instance where someone stole his i-pod...but then they brought it back apparently when they were done with it. Thieves are alot nicer now a days huh? (*ahem*) The Cape's got a completely different feel from York but it was still fun. I'm sure I'll be back there next year.

We headed home on Friday because of my planning a Bachelorette Party. Christin's to be specific. And let me tell you, I am sooooo relieved it went well! I had an awesome time and I think everyone that was involved did! I had us all meet at C's for a few cocktails then we headed out on The Captain JP w/ the Refrigerators! On the boat C had a "To do list" to accomplish throughout the cruise. We all pitched in and helped her get 23 outta 28 things done! It was so much fun. The entire boat knew who we were...including the band and the Captain! Everybody got along, there was no drama and the pictures are priceless:-) Phew- glad that was a success!

I'm now stationed in York for the rest of the summer. There are no plans for me to vacate the state of Maine until August 24th or so. I'm anxiously awaiting July 31st. I know I have Liz and the boys, J&P, and Carrie and Justin up here, but I'm still a lil lonely. July 31st is the arrival date for my parents (for 2 weeks)...Aug 1 my G-rents come up (for 3 weeks)...Aug 6th Sara & the BF come up!!!! (for 1 week)...Aug 7th Aunt Dade & her clan of about a dozen come (for 1 week)...Aug 8th Noel & Cale come (for 3 days). I can't wait to have vacationers up here, since they're on vacation I wont have to worry about them going to work. (Pshhh- work.)

**Gag alert**
And I cannot wait for the bf to be here because I just want to BE with him. Period. (Gag huh?) Spending 5 consecutive days with him last week was awesome. And I know once I go home and move in with him I'll be with him constantly, but I want to be with him NOW. Like Right Now. So the fact that I get to see him again in 16 days makes me giddy with anticipation!

Ok, ok I'm done w/ the mushy gushy stuff. I'll leave the real "pour your heart out" stuff til another blog. I think I should probably do one. All the great bloggers have one, right Whit? ;-)

I think that's all for now. I need to get outside, it's too nice to not be out visiting the ocean. I'll think of all you poor souls that cannot grace the ocean with your presence this summer. And then I'll move on in my thinking process, that now a days is crowded with "where is my life leading me?" questions...Yikes!

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