Friday, June 11, 2010

Because I have so much time...

I've decided to start this blog. Well, that's a lie. I don't have that much time. Yet. But I will. And I'll explain. Later. First, let's just thank Whitney for getting me on here. She's the reason that I have found out about blogs. I mean I knew about them and have heard that people blog, but I didn't realize that it can actually be fun and amusing! Whitney's blogs are always appreciated whether they make me laugh (which happens quite often) or cry (I'll admit one did).

I figure this will be a good place to vent, if needed, or just throw my thoughts out there since I know you're all dying to hear them. We'll see how well I keep up with this. Seeing that my life is a bit chaotic, time may be an issue. You're probably thinking that I mean I won't have enough time...Think again. I'll have plenty of time. I don't have a full time job during the summer (well, come September I won't have a f/t job at all, but that's another post...)

Ok, getting back on track- I have the summer off. From June 25- September 1. You guessed it, I work in a school district. Sooooo, since I am not working like normal people, I spend my summers up in Maine on the beach!!! So you see, I have PLENTY of time to keep up with this blog, but what I don't have is the power to sit inside on a beautiful sunny day when there is a big sandy beach a minute down the road. So we will just have to see how many posts I will make during my "oh-so-busy" summer life :-)

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  1. Yayyyyy for Becki's first blog!!! :) wahooo!!!